The Assimilation of Corvex Prime

Crushing Defeats and Hollow Victory's
Orks get bloody, while the Elder find another path.


This bloody day found new corpses to add to the carnage already littering the planet. The Klan Bloodmoon sought to once again claim the Starport for the Waaagh and Short Sighted were defending themselves from the onslaught of Krom Dragongaze’s Wolf Guard.

Klan Bloodmoon attacked the defenders of Corvex Prime that were defending the Spaceport. Last time Bloodmaw Grimax attacked he was repulsed by overwhelming Leman Russ fire. This time he came back with some Rocket boys, Tank Bustas, Nobs on Warbikes, and 22 of his boys. The battle was fierce and both sides lost many units. It looked as though the Orks and there numbers were going to hold the Spaceport through withering fire. However through the black haze of war one could still see the flag of Corvex Prime waving above the Spaceport at he end of the day.

Short Sighted knowing that their backs were against the wall deployed their best units in the defense of one of the last of their territory from the marauding Space Wolves. With the Eldar deploying three Wave serpents, a squad of Wrath Support Battery’s, a squad of Dark Reapers, and the Avatar of Khaine to defend. The Space Wolves deployed with a Las Cannon Predator tank, a Vindicator, a squad of Thunderwolfe Calvary, a squad of Grey Hunters, and a Venerable Dreadnought in Drop pod. The Space Wolves suffered Heavy Casualties but not before they wiped out the entire squad of Support Battery’s and felling the great Avatar of Khaine. At the end of the day the Space Wolves could not dislodge the Eldar from their Territory. However the lose of the Avatar and the Heavy loses incurred during the conflict has forced the forces of Short Sighted to retreat from the planet of Crovex and abandon their dreams of Conquest.

The Imperial Fist March
Nothing stands in the way of the Emperors Finest.


This month of bloody battles have seen major gains by the Imperial FIsts. The Emperors Finest first attacked the HEX that was lost to the vial Chaos last month of heavy fighting. However when they arrived they did not find one Fallen but the Military of Corvex Prime guarding the territory. The fighting was intense and bloody. After loosing his bike recon unit to a barrage of Leman Russ attacks, the Imperial FIsts were able to destroy the defenders with precision drop pod attacks and Thunderfire Cannon support. Upon interrogation of the captured defenders they find out that the Corvex military advanced when the Chaos defenders pulled back from the area a few weeks earlier. This development intrigued Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain and he ordered a force to advance to the south of the reclaimed territory.

The advance force soon arrived at the location to find no sign of Chaos. What was even stranger that there wasn’t any signs that Chaos had even touched this land. However during there recon of the largest town in the territory they found themselves ambushed by a recon unit from the Krom Dragongaze’s Wolf Guard. The fight was block to block with most of the combat face to face. The two army’s fought ruthlessly for many hours. However thanks to the heavy support of the Imperial Fists Centurions they were able to hold back the wolves and claim the territory for themselves.

The army of Klan Bloodmoon saw there conquest of new territory rebuffed after running into a Tau scouting party. The Ork suffered major losses while the Tau suffered little. However Ork Warboss Bloodmaw Grimax was preoccupied with his coming conquest of a starport. Which he plans to launch his attack soon against the unsuspecting Corvex military.

The Krom Dragongaze’s Wolf Guard found themselves attacked on two fronts by the army’s of Blood Axe Clan and Short Sighted on the same territory. The Eldar attacked with purpose, deploying their wave serpents to take the Wolf installation as fast as possible. While the Orks attacked anything and everything. The Eldar where able to take down the Space Wolf allied Imperial Knight however the explosion that followed caused multiple causality. While the Orks tried to take on the Eldar Avatar and were severely crushed by the Eldar God. Luckily Wolf Priest Ulfrik Rengar were able to hold on long enough to drive back the Eldar and Orks to hold onto the Territory.

Wolves on the March
Blood ran thick


The Army of Wolf Priest Ulfrik Rengar performed a Full on assault of the Eldar Bastion and HQ for their invasion. The battle raged for hours with many causality’s and it seemed that the Wolves of Russ would be beaten back. However in the early hours of dusk Scouts reported the banner of Krom Dragongaze’s Wolf Guard was flying above the enemy stronghold and the Eldar have retreated. The dead are still being counted but this was a great victory for Ulfrik and his Wolves.

The Eldar of the Short Sighted have suffered after losing their staging ground to the Grey Wolves, but they are merely wounded not dead. With still controlling territory their Warlord Blane Ulthran Is devising plans to decimate his foes and take this world for his craft world.

Commander O’Shaserra and his Hunter Cadre found no opposition when expanding his territory. However his scouts have reported a Ork Warband just to the North of his main army. This could cause problem for his flank if they are left to their own devices.

Axxio Cantas lead his Betrayed into to the heart of the Imperial Fists and caught their flank by surprise. With the main Army’s of the Imperial Fist no where close enough to come to their aid, the defenders were quickly brushed aside and Axxio claimed another territory for Tzentch.

Warboos Bloodmaw Grimax Attacked the Space port that was defended by the Planetary defense force. However due to the other attack to the space port to the north, they were prepared for an attack and repelled Warboos Bloodmaw Grimax and his Ork warband inflicting massive causality’s. However because the Space port had to pull surrounding forces to the space port for its defense it allowed Gorbad Ironklaw to take the territory to the south with no resistance.

The Imperial Fists did not have the war go in their favor the last month. Though the took a territory to their south with little resistance, their main army ran into logistics issues and could not attack the territory to their west. This also allow their fearsome enemy The Betrayed to take one of their territory’s. Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain has purged the the people that was behind the gross miss handling of the logistics of this war and plan to renew the offensive against the Enemy.

Ork Tide!!!


The Skull Splitas Klan attacked the northern Space Port with Stealth and Cunning that left the Defenders hardly any time to put up a defense. Attacking in the dead of night allowed the sneaky Orks to be on the defenders before they were able to lock down the space port.

Cunning as much he is ruthless Warboss Skull Splita had the bulk of his army attack straight into the teeth of the defending tanks. While he and his Mega Nobs Rasczak’s Roughneckz flanked the right side and was able to wreck havoc into the veteran guardsman line. While The Eisen Furst & his Panzer Jager demolished the guardsman’s tanks. This broke the resolve of the defending army and forced a retreat giving the Skull Splitas Klan a much prized Space port!!

Da Runtz showed a lot of guts and where instrumental in holding the Space Port. While the Green Devils lead by Boss Spine Snapa helped route the veteran guardsman on the left side of the line.
The Tide of war
Rivers run red


The first day of combat found land conquered and land defended.

After the Imperial Fists took their earnings, the Eldar attempted to take HEX 14 and 16. Thinking they were going to find the defenders of Corvex Prime but instead found nothing but Space Wolfs and the Blood Axe Orks!!

The Eldar with Blane Ulthran were able to dispatch the unprepared Warboss Skull Splita and his Ork Warband. Taking HEX 14 without heavy loses. However Ron “DP” Myopia and his Eldar soldiers were overran and lost HEX 16 to a Space Wolf Lightning Drop pod assault with the support of an Imperial Knight.

Klan Bloodmoon and Bloodmaw Grimax after taking HEX 11 without a fight stormed into HEX 9 with his Trukks. However he was repulsed by the defenders of Corvex Prime and losing most of his attacking force.

Axxio Cantas and The Betrayed went into the fray and attacked HEX 19 and HEX 2. The defenders of Corvex Prime retreated from HEX 2 however they stood their ground in HEX 19. The Leman Russ tanks and heavy guns of Basilisks where able to keep the forces of Chaos at bay.

The Tau First Strike Assault Hunter Cadre with Commander Shas O’Au’Taal Montka Kauyon attacked HEX 6 and came across a defense force of Tanks and Artillery from the defenders of Corvex Prime. Commander Shas was forced to retreat after taking heavy loses. However his second army was able to take HEX 24 after the defenders tactically retreated.

Blood now stains the battle field red. The conquest of Corvex Prime is taking shape and shall continue. Day two shall bring more blood shed, more steel, and more bullets to the conflict.

On the march
Imperial Fists


The Imperial Fists were the first army to strike at the Traitorist Guardsmen. Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain took Centurion Devistator Squad ‘Liam’, 2nd Tactical Squad ‘Gregain’, and 6th Scout Squad ‘Vargas’ aboard a Land Speeder Storm and attacked HEX 21. He was able to take the HEX from the Traitorist Guard but lost the 6th Scout Squad ‘Vargas’.

Epistolary Alaric headed 9th Devistator Squad, 10th Devistator Squad ‘Avitus’, 5th Tactical Squad ‘Gawain’, 2 Squads of Scouts and Techmarine Marx to take HEX 22. He was able to take the HEX but Epistolary Alaric paid the ultimate price and lost his life pushing his psychic abilities past his limits to assure victory.

The Imperial Fists were able to expand their territory to a total of 3 HEX’s. However they paid a heavy price for these gains but they will not faulter or waiver. They will have victory at what ever the cost.


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