The Assimilation of Corvex Prime

Crushing Defeats and Hollow Victory's

Orks get bloody, while the Elder find another path.


This bloody day found new corpses to add to the carnage already littering the planet. The Klan Bloodmoon sought to once again claim the Starport for the Waaagh and Short Sighted were defending themselves from the onslaught of Krom Dragongaze’s Wolf Guard.

Klan Bloodmoon attacked the defenders of Corvex Prime that were defending the Spaceport. Last time Bloodmaw Grimax attacked he was repulsed by overwhelming Leman Russ fire. This time he came back with some Rocket boys, Tank Bustas, Nobs on Warbikes, and 22 of his boys. The battle was fierce and both sides lost many units. It looked as though the Orks and there numbers were going to hold the Spaceport through withering fire. However through the black haze of war one could still see the flag of Corvex Prime waving above the Spaceport at he end of the day.

Short Sighted knowing that their backs were against the wall deployed their best units in the defense of one of the last of their territory from the marauding Space Wolves. With the Eldar deploying three Wave serpents, a squad of Wrath Support Battery’s, a squad of Dark Reapers, and the Avatar of Khaine to defend. The Space Wolves deployed with a Las Cannon Predator tank, a Vindicator, a squad of Thunderwolfe Calvary, a squad of Grey Hunters, and a Venerable Dreadnought in Drop pod. The Space Wolves suffered Heavy Casualties but not before they wiped out the entire squad of Support Battery’s and felling the great Avatar of Khaine. At the end of the day the Space Wolves could not dislodge the Eldar from their Territory. However the lose of the Avatar and the Heavy loses incurred during the conflict has forced the forces of Short Sighted to retreat from the planet of Crovex and abandon their dreams of Conquest.



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