The Assimilation of Corvex Prime

On the march

Imperial Fists


The Imperial Fists were the first army to strike at the Traitorist Guardsmen. Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain took Centurion Devistator Squad ‘Liam’, 2nd Tactical Squad ‘Gregain’, and 6th Scout Squad ‘Vargas’ aboard a Land Speeder Storm and attacked HEX 21. He was able to take the HEX from the Traitorist Guard but lost the 6th Scout Squad ‘Vargas’.

Epistolary Alaric headed 9th Devistator Squad, 10th Devistator Squad ‘Avitus’, 5th Tactical Squad ‘Gawain’, 2 Squads of Scouts and Techmarine Marx to take HEX 22. He was able to take the HEX but Epistolary Alaric paid the ultimate price and lost his life pushing his psychic abilities past his limits to assure victory.

The Imperial Fists were able to expand their territory to a total of 3 HEX’s. However they paid a heavy price for these gains but they will not faulter or waiver. They will have victory at what ever the cost.



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