The Assimilation of Corvex Prime

Ork Tide!!!


The Skull Splitas Klan attacked the northern Space Port with Stealth and Cunning that left the Defenders hardly any time to put up a defense. Attacking in the dead of night allowed the sneaky Orks to be on the defenders before they were able to lock down the space port.

Cunning as much he is ruthless Warboss Skull Splita had the bulk of his army attack straight into the teeth of the defending tanks. While he and his Mega Nobs Rasczak’s Roughneckz flanked the right side and was able to wreck havoc into the veteran guardsman line. While The Eisen Furst & his Panzer Jager demolished the guardsman’s tanks. This broke the resolve of the defending army and forced a retreat giving the Skull Splitas Klan a much prized Space port!!

Da Runtz showed a lot of guts and where instrumental in holding the Space Port. While the Green Devils lead by Boss Spine Snapa helped route the veteran guardsman on the left side of the line.



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