The Assimilation of Corvex Prime

The Imperial Fist March

Nothing stands in the way of the Emperors Finest.


This month of bloody battles have seen major gains by the Imperial FIsts. The Emperors Finest first attacked the HEX that was lost to the vial Chaos last month of heavy fighting. However when they arrived they did not find one Fallen but the Military of Corvex Prime guarding the territory. The fighting was intense and bloody. After loosing his bike recon unit to a barrage of Leman Russ attacks, the Imperial FIsts were able to destroy the defenders with precision drop pod attacks and Thunderfire Cannon support. Upon interrogation of the captured defenders they find out that the Corvex military advanced when the Chaos defenders pulled back from the area a few weeks earlier. This development intrigued Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain and he ordered a force to advance to the south of the reclaimed territory.

The advance force soon arrived at the location to find no sign of Chaos. What was even stranger that there wasn’t any signs that Chaos had even touched this land. However during there recon of the largest town in the territory they found themselves ambushed by a recon unit from the Krom Dragongaze’s Wolf Guard. The fight was block to block with most of the combat face to face. The two army’s fought ruthlessly for many hours. However thanks to the heavy support of the Imperial Fists Centurions they were able to hold back the wolves and claim the territory for themselves.

The army of Klan Bloodmoon saw there conquest of new territory rebuffed after running into a Tau scouting party. The Ork suffered major losses while the Tau suffered little. However Ork Warboss Bloodmaw Grimax was preoccupied with his coming conquest of a starport. Which he plans to launch his attack soon against the unsuspecting Corvex military.

The Krom Dragongaze’s Wolf Guard found themselves attacked on two fronts by the army’s of Blood Axe Clan and Short Sighted on the same territory. The Eldar attacked with purpose, deploying their wave serpents to take the Wolf installation as fast as possible. While the Orks attacked anything and everything. The Eldar where able to take down the Space Wolf allied Imperial Knight however the explosion that followed caused multiple causality. While the Orks tried to take on the Eldar Avatar and were severely crushed by the Eldar God. Luckily Wolf Priest Ulfrik Rengar were able to hold on long enough to drive back the Eldar and Orks to hold onto the Territory.



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