The Assimilation of Corvex Prime

Wolves on the March

Blood ran thick


The Army of Wolf Priest Ulfrik Rengar performed a Full on assault of the Eldar Bastion and HQ for their invasion. The battle raged for hours with many causality’s and it seemed that the Wolves of Russ would be beaten back. However in the early hours of dusk Scouts reported the banner of Krom Dragongaze’s Wolf Guard was flying above the enemy stronghold and the Eldar have retreated. The dead are still being counted but this was a great victory for Ulfrik and his Wolves.

The Eldar of the Short Sighted have suffered after losing their staging ground to the Grey Wolves, but they are merely wounded not dead. With still controlling territory their Warlord Blane Ulthran Is devising plans to decimate his foes and take this world for his craft world.

Commander O’Shaserra and his Hunter Cadre found no opposition when expanding his territory. However his scouts have reported a Ork Warband just to the North of his main army. This could cause problem for his flank if they are left to their own devices.

Axxio Cantas lead his Betrayed into to the heart of the Imperial Fists and caught their flank by surprise. With the main Army’s of the Imperial Fist no where close enough to come to their aid, the defenders were quickly brushed aside and Axxio claimed another territory for Tzentch.

Warboos Bloodmaw Grimax Attacked the Space port that was defended by the Planetary defense force. However due to the other attack to the space port to the north, they were prepared for an attack and repelled Warboos Bloodmaw Grimax and his Ork warband inflicting massive causality’s. However because the Space port had to pull surrounding forces to the space port for its defense it allowed Gorbad Ironklaw to take the territory to the south with no resistance.

The Imperial Fists did not have the war go in their favor the last month. Though the took a territory to their south with little resistance, their main army ran into logistics issues and could not attack the territory to their west. This also allow their fearsome enemy The Betrayed to take one of their territory’s. Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain has purged the the people that was behind the gross miss handling of the logistics of this war and plan to renew the offensive against the Enemy.



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