Commander Shas O'Au'Taal Montka Kauyon


Leader of O’Kauyon First Strike Assault Hunter Cadre.

Commander (85 pts):

4 5 5 4 4 3 4 10 3+

Crisis Suit (Multi-Tracker and Blacksun Filter Automatically)
Flamer (5 pts)
Cyclic Ion Blaster (15 pts)
Plasma Rifle (15 Pts)
Onager Gauntlet (5 pts)
XV8-02 “Iridiuim”

Special Rules:
Independent Character
Supporting Fire
Very Bulky
Blacksun Filter


I am a veteran Fire Warrior of the Mu’gulath Bay Campaign and was blessed to fight along side the legendary Commander O’Shaserra (Shadowsun). In this battle I led a team of twelve on the left flank with four additional teams which if failed the Gue’ron’sha would have easily over ran our position. Using the Kauyon, we Fire Warriors prevailed!

So impressed with our dedication to the Tau’va and valor displayed on the battlefield Commander Shadowsun personally recommended all Shas’la in this battle to go through their first “Trial By Fire”. Both the Mont’ka and Kauyon were on full display when I stepped into the battle dome. Even the legendary O’Shova ’died’during his first Trial!
We were thrust into a room immediately with very few lights on and not one of them gave any tatical advantage. If anything they worked against us. Our orders were to defend a hill. Any retreat would be immediate failure. For nearly a full rotaa the trainers threw everything they had at us, but we would not move. Many comrades died, but later found out they to were promoted.
I had just received replacement Fire Warriors (strange they would have been coming with me) and my orders for command when Aun’Va contacted myself and Fireblade Darkstrider (something else that is strange). He gave orders for us to link up and make haste to Corvex Prime. I noted that he seemed urgent and troubled at the same time. He also order Darkstrider would be the second in command and that I would have a Hunter Cadre at my disposal since Commander Shadowsun was on an important mission. This is a rare move and showed the importance Aun’Va had put in this mission. a commander so green and a Fireblade so veteran.
We have arrived at Corvex Prime and await further orders.

Commander Shas O'Au'Taal Montka Kauyon

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