Epistolary Alaric

Imperial Fists Second in Command


WS/5 BS/4 S/4 T/4 W/2 I/4 A/2 LD/10 SV/3+

Power Armour
Bolt Pistol
Force Weapon
Frag/krak Gernades
Psychic hood
Bones of Osrak
The Eye of Hypnoth
Digital Weapons

Special Rules:
And they shall know no fear
Chapter tactics
Independent character
Psyker (mastery level 2)

Point Value: 140


Epistolary Alaric is an up and comming master librarian, recently attached to 4th company by the Master of the Librarius Alaric is meant to learn from Cain the value of Temperance, for upon first joining the chapters Librarius only 10 years ago Alaric still has a deep rooted nack for being headstrong and over confident. In the past 5 years however he has learned to control his aggressive nature and has proven to be not only excellent fighter but has an innate nack for leadership and has led as the 4th’s second in command into the heat of battle and earned the companies trust and undying loyalty listening to his orders without question.

It is of no doubt to Captain Cain the Epistolary Alaric will one day rise to lead the Chapter’s Librarius.

Epistolary Alaric

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