Iron Stompa

Big Mek 'atchet's Pet Deff Dread


Deff Dread Level: 1 Experience: 0

WS BS S I A Front Side Rear
4 2 5 2 3 12 12 10

Two Dreadnaught close combat weapons
Rokkit Launcha
Kustom Mega Blasta
Grot Riggers
Armor Plates

Special Rules

Total Point Cost: 85


The pilot of the Iron Stompa is Ork that was lucky enough to be voluntold to be surgically fused to a war machine that allows him to be a walking tank. Thanks to the cybernetic implants he is able to control the Iron Stompa as though it was an extension of his own body. The extra Dakka and Dreadnaught weapons allow him to cause carnage he never dreamed of being able to cause on his own.

Now if only he could scratch that nagging itch he would have the best job in the army.

As one of Big Mek ‘Atchet pet projects he always accompanies him into battle. Along with the Thrilla Killaz he forms the primary core of ’Atchet’s defensive force on Corvex Prime.

Iron Stompa

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