Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain

Imperial Fists 4th company Captain


WS/6 BS/5 S/4 T/4 W/3 I/5 A/3 LD/10 SV/2+(4++)

Artificer Armour
Bolt Pistol
Thunder Hammer
Frag, Krak Gernades
Iron Halo

Special rules:
And they shall know no fear
Chapter tactics
Independent character

Point Value: 145


Warlord Traits: N/A


Captain Ethan Cain has been 4th company captain of the Imperial Fists for nearly two Centuries, he is proud and stoic a true exemplar of the legacy of Dorn.

His first engagement as captain was a complete disaster he was deployed to aid in the purging of a space hulk on the outer rims of the galactic south west. Upon first boarding the hulk the company encountered stern resistance from orks, but the fists great accuracy made quick work of the orks within confined quarters. After reaching the hulks innards orks had been decreasing in number greatly until it came to such a calm in the center of the hulk it was as if all motion was frozen in time. It wasn’t until the walls started crawling that the fists realized they were within a living organism. The hulk was literally covering a tyranid bioship.

Upon realizing they were completly surrounded by genestealers Cain immediately gave the order to pull out and destroy the hulk and its hidden cargo from 4th companies flag ship the Fist of Dorn, Cain lost nearly two thirds of his company falling back.

Since that fateful time Captain Cain has rebuilt his company and has yet to suffer a defeat such as that. Though he has suffered losses they have not put the company out of commision in the last century and a half. Captain Ethan Cain will win this sector in the name of Dorn and the Emperor.

Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain

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