Blood Axe Clan


Warboss Skull Splita leads The Blood Axe Clan on an Unstoppable blood bath for possession of Corvex Prime. If Warboss Skull Splita can capture the Manufacturms, he will have the weapons and armor to start a Waaagh!!! on a scale unseen since Armageddon.

Second in Command

Big Mek ’Atchet


More Dakka Salute

Boss Snipa & Da Red Shirtz

Boss Thrilla & the Thrilla Killaz

Iron Stompa

Skull Krakaz

The Eisen Furst & his Panzer Jager

Da Rain Makaz

Snikrot & his Red Skull Kommandos

Death Riders

Speed Demons

Green Devils

Doc Green

Da Runtz

Blood Axe Clan

The Assimilation of Corvex Prime sliver_overlord00