Game Rules

Game Rules

Before the Campaign begins, every player may choose one HQ unit as his Warlord. The total cost of the Warlord may not exceed 150 points, this includes war gear. This player must then name the Warlord if it is not a unique character. This Warlord counts towards your Force Organization Chart but not the total cost of your army. For example, in a 500 point battle the warlord will count as a HQ unit for your F.O.C but not towards the 500 point cost for the battle.

After you pick your Warlord, the player must also choose a second in command. This second in command may also be up to 150 total points and follows the same rules as the Warlord. If the Warlord is removed from the campaign then the second in command will replace him as the new Warlord.

Now that the player has selected his Warlord and second in command, I will explain the turns. Each turn has four phases. The Event phase, The Administration phase, The Attack/Defend phase, and The Experience Phase.

The Event Phase

During the event phase the GM will roll on the Event Event Table for each player. These events then take affect before the Administration phase. There is no way to cancel an events affects.

The Administration Phase

During the Administration phase, players will gain resource points. A player will gain 1 resource point for every hex they control and for every Industrial complex they control. The player then may purchase hex upgrades from the Hex upgrade Improvement Table. Each Hex may only have one major improvement and one minor improvement. At the beginning of the Administration phase a player may destroy an improvement on a hex he controls. However you do not gain the Resource points back that was spent on the improvement.

When a Tyranid player takes or loses a hex all improvements on that hex are destroyed.

The Attack/Defend Phase

A player will have two army’s, one lead by his Warlord and one lead by the second in command. The Warlord is always with the army that attacks Hex’s while the second in command is in charge of the defending army. During this phase a player has 3 options, Full Attack, Attack/Defend, Full Defense.

Full Attack a player may use both of his army’s to attack two hex’s. However if one of his Hex’s were attack he would automatically loose the hex.

Attack/Defend is were a player may attack one Hex with his Warlord’s Army and Defend with his Second in Command’s army if any of his territory is attacked.

Full Defense is when a player may choose to have both of his army’s used to defend his territory. The Warlord then leads the defending army against any attacks on your territory. In addition the defending player gets an additional 200 points for reserves.

If a player is attacked from more then one army he may still defend multiple times in one phase. Also if a HEX is attacked by more than one player, all army’s will then battle for that HEX at one time. (Exp. If the Tau Attack Hex 5, however so does Chaos, then the battle will consist of the Tau Army, The Chaos Army, and the Neutral or defending players Army.)
A player will choose a hex to attack directly after the Administration Phase. A player must choose a hex that is adjacent to his territory to attack. (Unless the player controls a space port. Then he may attack any hex on the map. There are only two of these on the map.) After you determine which hex you are going to attack, the player will send his selection to the GM without the other players knowing the selection. After the GM receives all selections he will post on the map which army is attacking what hex. This is to symbolize a “fog of war” scenario.

The Experience Phase

After all battles are concluded for the turn, each player will then tally up the experience each named unit received. Each player will have to consult the Experience allocation Leveling Table to see how much experience each named unit receives. Named units must have a unique name and a unique way to identify them on the battle field. This can include any unit that is NOT a vehicle. (Exp. A player names his Ork Nobs unit “The Bashers” and they are a different colors then the other Ork squads, then they gain experience. ) All unique named squad must be listed in your army and must be noted which Army he is in, either the Warlords, or the Second in Commands. These units may be swapped between army’s but must be done so during the Administration phase. If it is found that a Unique squad participated in the attacking army and the defending army the same turn that squad looses all experience gained that turn.

Once the experience has been allotted and the Unit and or HQ units level up based on their leveling Leveling Table. They may spend that experience for special ability’s. Consult the Unique Unit Chart for the ability available to Unique squads, and refer to the HQ Chart for HQ Ability. If a Unique squad is killed it is permanently removed from the game. If a unit survives the battle at 25% health or lower it does not receive any experience except for the experience granted for winning or losing a battle. If your Warlord or Second in command fall in battle, that player must roll a D6 after the battle. On a roll of 1 – Warlord is slain, 2 – Only receives win/lose exp., 3 – Gain win/lose exp and half of all other exp., 4 – 6 Warlord survive his wounds with no ill effect.


These rules are just the beginning and may not cover everything we run into. If we run into something not covered or that needs to be added the GM has SOLE word on how and when to incorporate a rule.

Game Rules

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