Improvement Table

Major Improvements
Industrial Complex 3 RP
Religious Temple 3 RP
Airfield 3 RP
Artillery Position 4 RP
Defensive Fortification 4 RP
Fortress 5 RP
Minor Improvements
Bridge 1 RP
Road 1 RP
Ammo Depot 1 RP
Fuel Depot 2 RP
Comm Station 2 RP
Medic Station 2 RP

Improvement Descriptions

Major Improvements
Industrial Complex – Add 1 RP per Industrial complex per turn.
Religious Temple – Warlord or Second in Command may make an Invulnerable roll at a plus 2 modifier per Temple per Game. Multiple Temples does not increase this modifier. Exp. If a Space Marine Captain with an Iron Halo chooses to use the Temple his Iron Halo will have a 2+ Invul save for one roll.
Airfield – Required to field Flyers.
Artillery Position – After deployment but before the first turn, controller may make an Artillery Strike. Player Rolls a scatter die. If a “on target” is rolled, the attack scatters 2D6 in the direction of the arrow. If scatter is rolled, then the shot scatters 3D6 in direction of the directional arrow. Use following stats for Artillery (Earth Shaker Cannon – Str. 9 A.P. 3 Large Blast)
Defensive Fortifications – Before Deployment, the owning player may deploy 2 Aegis lines on the table.
Fortress – Before deployment, the owning player may deploy one Bastion and 2 Aegis lines on the table.

Minor Improvements
Bridge – Deploys one bridge over a river.
Road – +1 to reserve rolls.
Ammo Depot – Re-Roll one Failed to-hit roll per game.
Fuel Depot – Controlling players Vehicles can move 2 inches further during the movement phase.
Comm Station – Connects an unconnected Hex
Medic Station – When a unit is destroyed the controlling player of the station may roll a D6. On a 6 the unit is removed from battle but is not removed from the game. This Improvement affects the HEX it was built on and every HEX that touches that HEX.

Improvement Table

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