OKauyon First Strike Assault Hunter Cadre


After seeing such a huge affect the Riptide had on the battlefield, the Tau have started to produce them in large quantities. The Council has declared that its worth the risk to capture any means to increase production. Intelligence reports soon by stated a Manufactorum world that recently broke away from the Imperium. Such a planet would help bring the greater good to many different worlds. However all water casts that were sent to open dialog were summery executed. Commander O’Shaserra was then tasked with taking the planet. Unfortunately she was busy dealing with an Ork counter attack. So she sent one of her upcoming Fire Warriors to command a Assault Hunter Cadre to establish a beachhead and she would follow shortly.

Second in Command
Fireblade Darkstrider

4 Devil Fish
17 Drones
1 Hammer Head
1 Pathfinder Team
5 Crisis Suits
50 Fire Warriors
6 Stealth Suits
1 Sniper Drone Team

OKauyon First Strike Assault Hunter Cadre

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