Imperial Fists 4th Company


The Imperial Fists have been sent to bring Corvex Prime back into the Imperium and to add the Manufactorum to the Chapters assets.

The Imperial Fists decided to send Master of the Fleet Captain Ethan Cain, Commander of the 4th Company. His steel resolve and the dedication to make sure his Company never feels defeat was the clear choice.

Second in Command

Epistolary Alaric


Techmarine Marx

10th Devistator Squad ‘Marcus’

2nd Terminator Squad ‘Lupin’

5th Tactical Squad ‘Gawain’

6th Scout Squad ‘Vargas’

Centurion Devistator Squad ‘Liam’

2nd Tactical Squad ‘Gregain’

Imperial Fists 4th Company

The Assimilation of Corvex Prime sliver_overlord00